Get notifications on dinner money accounts and school trips

Send texts, emails and free push notifications

Attendance, behaviour incidents, and end of term/year reports

Daily open or closed status and terms date alerts

A free app for schools

Help communicate with parents

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Communicate your school's OpenCheck status

View dinner money account balances when using PAY+

Keep people informed with AutoText messaging

Check your network status

Monitor your schools' CCTV output

Get notifications of new support site announcements


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    This app is available for Android, iPhone and Windows although not all features are available on all devices.

    Information for Staff

    The ParentComms:Mobile app is designed to offer a range of functionality to school staff in USO-subscribing schools that goes well beyond that available to parents.
    Please log in with your usual USO account after installing the app to access the additional features.
    Once logged in, staff will see an additional menu option that will link them with all schools in which they have a USO account.
    Some or all of the following options will become available, dependent on your USO profile.

    • School staff who are Nominated Contacts or have "OpenCheck updater" permissions can use this app to update their OpenCheck status and send a tweet simultaneously, if Twitter integration is configured.
    • Staff will be able to access a list of all the Nominated Contacts in all the schools with which they are associated
    • Nominated Contacts can see network usage graphs for their schools
    • Nominated Contacts will automatically receive service status alerts if an issue occurs
    • Relevant users of the LGfL VoIP service will receive "emergency call" notifications if an 999 call is made from the school
    • Users in schools with Atomwide's CCTV security service will have access to images from their cameras via the app
    • Preferences allow users to enable or disable notifications and even to specify "quiet times" if notifications are enabled

    This app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
    This app will continue to develop new features on a regular basis so please look out for updates.
    For a comprehensive list of the versions of code and changes made to them please look here for the Android list and here for the iPhone list.

    Information for Parents

    The ParentComms:Mobile app is designed to help parents stay connected with their children's schools. It allows parents to automatically receive status notifications from all their children's schools via OpenCheck (so long as the school is using the OpenCheck service). This is particularly useful during times of severe weather conditions. It will eliminate the need to search for information on websites which may be overloaded with traffic or may not have been updated in time.

    In schools where the ParentComms:Pay+ online payment system is used, parents using the app will receive automatic notifications regarding items such as dinner money accounts and school trips. Further integration with the payment service is coming to the app in the near future. For these messages to be received, parents simply log into the app with the account used to access the payment service.

    Schools using a range of other Atomwide services, such as texting and parent reporting, will also be able to send notifications and reminders to parents via the app. Parents using the app will be able to receive information and help schools using Atomwide's services save money on their communications.

    This app serves a dual purpose as it also provides functionality to staff in USO-subscribing schools. Staff can use the app to update their school's status in OpenCheck, receive information regarding the school's network status or monitor the school's security via CCTV with real-time images.

    This app is available for Android and iPhone although not all features are available on all devices.

    If you have questions regarding the mobile app please email us.