Keep up-to-date with real time account information

Choose people or groups to send to using data from your MIS

Access logs of all messages sent and keep up-to-date with your spending

Send messages and alerts as a low-cost text

School texting service

keep everyone involved and up-to-date

Why choose our service?

A low-cost texting service

Create and manage groups of people to send messages to

Create your own message or use pre-existing templates

Send absence and lateness alerts based on regisration data

Send free push notifications with the ParentComms:Mobile app

Logs of all messages sent to help keep track of your spending


    About our service

    An easy to use service that allows schools to text parents, staff or indeed any group of people simply and easily from a dedicated website. AutoText is different as all the texting data is pulled directly from your school's MIS reducing the need to manually input numbers and contact details. You can also run reports that will show you any errors in your school’s MIS data, such as where a number is missing or if some numbers are incomplete. If recipients have downloaded the ParentComms: Mobile app, the text will automatically sent as a free push notification.

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